What are Googlebots and How Well Does Google Analytics Filter Out Bots?

Many people wonder how Google can find so many web pages and index them on their search engine, well they certainly do not hire people to search the entire web, that would take too long. Instead, Google created a bot search program called Googlebot to do the job from them. Googlebots are web crawling bots that continuously crawl the internet to collect new data and update web pages to be added to the Google index. 

These bots play a huge part in SEO because they will bring the content and information from your website back to Google to index your website. Googlebots will only index your site if you submit an XML site map through Google’s Webmaster Tools. Once you have submitted an XML Sitemap, Google will send a signal to their software to send a Googlebot to index your website. If you do not want a page indexed by a Googlebot, you have to set the page to “no follow” and “no index” on your website.

How long does it take to get a Googlebot to index your site?

According to Google, there is no set time for indexing a website and it may vary depending on a few factors.

1.   How popular is your website

2.   How well your pages are internally linked

3.   Whether the content is easy to crawl for the Googlebots– this can include the type of content you have and how responsible your server is

Will these Googlebots affect my website’s analytics?

Thankfully no, bots will not trigger your analytics on your web page when crawling your website. The analytics JavaScript only sends out data to your Google Analytics when JavaScript is enabled. Google has set up Googlebots to not activate the JavaScript when crawling a site.

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