What Are Google Local Service Ads & Should I Utilize Them For My Business?

Everyone knows that running PPC or pay-per-click ads is a major piece of any well-rounded digital marketing strategy. While SEO is great for making your website more visible, and generally results in an increase of leads for your business, sometimes you need another avenue for leads, particularly when your competition ranks just a bit higher. This is where PPC ads come in. Businesses have the option to bid on keywords that users search, and these bids result in your ads being shown above the organic results for a user’s inquiry. This can help give you the leg-up on your competition if their site ranks a bit better than yours organically, which is why PPC ads are a great way to increase leads for any business.

However, Google has recently been rolling out a new service they offer, called Google Local Services. These ads appear above the PPC Google Ads and function a bit differently. Let’s explore what these ads are and how they work below:

Google Local Services

While on Google Ads users bid on keywords that users are searching, Local Services are instead a pay-per-lead service. They are only offered for a few specific sectors, including roofing, HVAC services, locksmiths, movers, real estate services, and a few others. Google is still in the process of rolling out the services nationwide, but they are available in most metropolitan areas and are beginning to branch into smaller cities.

While on Google Ads, businesses simply try to outbid each other for ad space, Local Services show a rotating list of every business who offers the service you’ve searched for in a particular area. You’ll also notice that every business has a green checkmark next to their name with text that reads “Google Guaranteed.” This is because every business that wants to run these Local Service ads must pass a strict set of background checks, including a check on the business itself, the owners, and the workers completing the job. The business must provide it’s insurance information and licensing, and if they pass Google’s background check, they are able to run these Google Guaranteed ads. The Google Guarantee states that once these businesses pass the background check, Google will guarantee the job up to $2000 if you are dissatisfied with the work, ensuring that as a consumer you can feel comfortable that the business is reputable and your investment is protected.

Business owners will love these ads because as opposed to Google Ads where businesses bid against each other to show up for particular keywords, on Local Services, businesses are rotated for a particular inquiry, and business are only billed for leads, not clicks. Furthermore, if the lead isn’t quality, businesses have the opportunity to dispute the lead and get their money back. While they don’t have the same volume of use that Google Ads receives, they are continuing to grow and have the potential to reach the level of popularity that Google Ads has reached.

Should I Run Local Service Ads?

If you are a business owner who has been running PPC ads for your business, and your business offers a service that Google Local Services provides, you should absolutely look into using their ads to increase your lead flow. Not only will you only pay for quality leads, but you can also dispute any poor leads you receive, and the level of competition is lower as not every business will be able to pass the background check. If you’re already running PPC ads, consider adding Local Services to bolster and diversify your leads!

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