What are Google Analytics Intelligence Events?

Google Analytics Intelligence Events are events that trigger when certain conditions are met by your site traffic. If Google Analytics detects severe statistical variation in your site traffic, an alert will be automatically generated. You can also create custom alerts, with your own conditions– so you can set your own warnings and goals and receive alerts when they happen.

To get to Intelligence Events, open your Google Analytics dashboard, select a web property to view, and then go to the ‘Reporting’ screen. From here, select ‘Intelligence Events’ in the left-hand menu. This will bring up your automatic alerts screen, showing you whether or not there are any alerts on this web property.

From here, you can create your own customized Intelligence Events, and set alerts for when they occur. Navigate to the ‘Custom Alerts’ tab, then click ‘Manage Custom Alerts’. On this screen, you can set the conditions for this alert, and select whether or not you want to receive an email when the event occurs.

Intelligence events can help you highlight the most important events on your website, from statistical variation to self-defined web traffic metrics.

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