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What Are Google Algorithms?

Google algorithms are a complex system that is used to retrieve data from its search index. It then delivers the best possible results for a query instantaneously. Google’s algorithms include Pigeon, Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird. Curious to learn more? Continue reading below to discover more about Google’s algorithms.

What is Pigeon?

Pigeon was launched on July 24, 2014. This launch was sought to provide more useful, relevant, as well as accurate search results for local companies. Google wanted to improve their ranking metrics for distance and location, so this algorithm helps Google optimize to better understand company location and where it is relevant to you. This provides better, tailored search results for the user as well as the company. 

What is Penguin?

Penguin was launched before Pigeon, in April of 2012. This launch was created to catch sites which were believed to be spamming its search results. More specifically, this update targeted people who were link farming. Link farming is where people buy links for their website to ultimately boost their ranking on Google. As Google caught onto this, they launched this update to ensure authenticity. 

What is Panda?

Going even further back before either Pigeon or Penguin, Panda was launched in February of 2011. This algorithm was created to stop websites with poor quality content from working their way into the top search results of Google. Some of this poor content can be classified as duplicate content, thin content, low-quality content, as well as content farming. As this was the first algorithm to be launched, it allowed Google to become a more resourceful, accurate, and honest search engine. 

What is Hummingbird?

The last to be announced in 2013, the Hummingbird algorithm focuses on conversational search. This is the type of search used more modernly, as people are speaking into their smart devices and using more casual typing in the search engines. Less people are searching seriously with short keyword terms, as they have become more focused on long tail keyword searches. 

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