What Are Good Tips For New Content Writers?

The need for content writers has skyrocketed over the years as businesses begin to realize the importance of SEO and organic website growth. If you are new to the content writing game or are looking to improve your page layout skills, then you came to the right place!

Website Page Layout & Structure

This blog will mainly highlight the importance of a basic web page layout & in terms of structure & content. Within each example mentioned below, use this page as a reference to better understand the layout & purpose of building out a web page designed to inform & urge your customer to take action.

Web Page Content

When it comes down to website content, it essentially includes any text or verbiage that is designated to promote, highlight, or showcase a product or service on that particular page. The main goal is to bring exposure to services, products or goods on a digital platform through organic means. Through this process, we inform potential customers on the product or service, such as benefits,

Keyword Research:  A keyword is any word that holds significance to the specific page, and what you want to focus on to increase your organic search goals. A keyword can be related to service, product, a location, or an industry – if you are creating a service page for home cleaning solution, it might make sense that your keyword is “cleaning solution.” These efforts will help users find your content organically, and will also push your page higher on digital SERPs

Page Headings

Headings give your page direction, it not only helps a user follow the page but also helps search engine crawlers to analyze and score the relevancy of your content. If your page has relevant headings, in time your page will climb the organic ranks where it can hopefully be displayed on page 1! A Header1 tag is usually at the top of the page, it is usually similar to the page title, which tells google crawlers the anticipated content of the page. Header2 tags are good for the body paragraph, a chance to detail a product or service in greater detail, and so on. In short, every Header tag should be more in-depth of the topic mentioned above.

Call To Action

At the bottom of every page is a purpose (there should be one at least), whether you are writing about a product or service, it is important that people to take some sort of measurable action within the page to express interest. While it is fair to say that not all who read the page will want to buy immediately, but it can help if you have some sort of Call To Action listed on the page. A Call to action can be as simple as a phone number, a prompt to sign up to a newsletter, an email, or even a form. The primary purpose of the CTA is to give your customers an opportunity to reach out and ask questions, thus creating a conversion.

Helping Your Business Get Found Quick

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