What are Facebook Reactions?

After months of user testing, Facebook has released new options to their posting functionality called “Reactions.” The Reactions feature isn’t so much a new tool but an added function to the already popular “like” button that is synonymous with Facebook’s identity as a social media platform. Users can now access five additional animated emojis with which they are able to further express their opinion about a post and or shared link. Each emoji icon is named after the emotion that it is meant to convey. Along with the original “like” button, there is now “love”, “haha,” “wow,” “sad,” and “angry.”

To add a Reaction, hold down the Like button on mobile or hover over the “like” button on a desktop to see the reaction image options. Tap either one of the new options to share your reaction on the post or shared post.
Facebook Reactions were developed with the focus based on which sentiments Facebook users expressed most often. Facebook analyzed users’ usage patterns of stickers, emojis, and one-word comments to find a set of common emotional sentiments suitable for all users.

Reactions have been tested in a few markets last year before the worldwide launch and Facebook has seen positive feedback in their research. Facebook will continue to monitor Reactions and how the public has received the new update.

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