What Are Events in GA4 & How Do You Use Them?

Google Analytics has changed from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 this past summer, 2023. Digital marketers and data and reporting professionals have transitioned from one platform to the next and have learned how to navigate the different features this new platform brings. One of the main differences between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 is the events. Universal originally had conversions that users would manually set up to track different user interactions on the website. But now, with events, there are new features GA4 can bring, allowing data reporters to follow more about the user and their experience on a website. Learn more about what an event is in GA4 and how it can be used to track a user’s journey across your website.

What is An Event in GA4?

An event in GA4 is a user’s interaction with a website or their action to complete a conversion. This includes tracking a user who watches a video, clicks on a specific page, clicks to call the business, fills out a contact form, and much more. Events can be marked as conversions for particular actions that a website owner or digital marketer would want to know about their user. They are written using an underscore in between words on GA4. Event tags previously had to be set up in Google Tag Manager with Universal Analytics. With GA4, digital marketers can see all events in analytics and include them in their reports.

What Are The Different Types of Events?

There are four types of events: web events, app events, app+web events, and Android events. Web events are recorded only on the website and are known for event names such as page_view, file_donwload, scroll, etc. App events are recorded only on a mobile app. These examples are notification_open, screen_view, in_app_purchase, etc. App+web events are events that can be recorded on both app and web. These include first_visit, user_engagemenet, session_start, etc. Lastly, android events are events that are only recorded from an Android device. These events include app_remove, app_clear_data, app_store_purchase, etc.

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