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What are Elements of Successful SEO Content?

High-quality content is imperative to a successful SEO content strategy. It is meant to be written with the audience in mind and must effectively convey the message to them. Low-quality content simply will not rank or might even be taken down by Google if it includes any blackhat SEO tactics

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The primary objective of high-quality content is to write so the audience can understand. With most users searching on their phones, there is less information viewed at one time. This means the most important information should be at the beginning of the article.

Headers and bullet points are also valuable pieces, as they tell the reader what each section is about. Engaging visuals help break up long sections of text and are easier for the reader to consume. 

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness

Expertise and authoritativeness are not only important to the reader, but they’re important to search engines. No one wants to read an article from someone who does not know what they’re talking about. 

Using experts in your content or having already established credibility helps promote expertise. Author bios or pages explaining your company can help create authoritativeness to both the reader and search engines. Lastly, high-quality external links, external reviews, and having no errors on your website help build trust among the audience. 

Answer Questions

Readers are coming to your website for a reason, and that reason is most likely to get a question answered. Keyword tools can help you determine the subject of your content. These tools help you see the demand of certain queries and topics to choose from. 

Using the “People Also Ask” section and the bottom of a Google search can help you determine a topic. Additionally, social media is a great way to find updated questions from your audience. Places like Reddit and Quora are filled with potential content.  

Linkable Content

Of course, primary and secondary research is a great way to create linkable content. If your business is in a position to publish that type of research, it’s a great way for other journalists to link back to when they write their own articles.

If you are using data visualizations or infographics, be sure to include alt text when publishing. Descriptive alt text will help users find your piece when searching, especially when using assistive technology. 

Content that features controversial opinions can also be used as a unique perspective. As long as you answer a question and make the information easy for a reader to digest, your content will likely perform well. 

Create High-Quality Content with Boston Web Marketing

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