What Are Effective Tactics For Landing Pages In 2020?

Landing Pages & Optimizing Conversions In 2020

When creating a landing page, it is important to have a few things in mind. When it comes to building out a landing page, the primary objective is to ensure that the content is clear, concise, and provides a call to action that gives the customer exactly what they came to the page for. For more information on how to create a landing page that actively converts, please read on as we discuss some important components of landing pages, as well as what to avoid!

Create A Clear & Concise Call-to-Action

When you’re creating your landing page you want to keep in mind the purpose behind the page. What do you want the user to do? Is it an informational based page, are you trying to convince your customers to make a purchase, learn more about a specific product, or make immediate purchase on the spot?

Prime Examples of an effective Call To Action: SHOP, CALL, LEARN MORE, SUBSCRIBE or SIGN UP,  Entice your customers with a simple “suggestion.” Curious how to maximize your call to actions?

Simplicity = Conversions

We’ve all heard the saying, “sometimes less is more.” In the case of a landing page, this could not be truer, by limiting the content on a page and keeping it specific to one service or product you greatly increase the odds of a conversion. The more options that you give a user to choose from, the longer it will take for them to make a decision. If you’re making a specific landing page for an ad, make sure to do the following:

  • Simplify the page so the user isn’t tempted to leave the page
  • Include information that is relevant to your offer and call-to-action
  • Remove any hyperlinks to keep the user on the page longer

Include Important Aspects of the Product / Services

If a user have found themselves on your landing page, chances are good it is for a specific reason. Landing pages are dedicated to providing quick information that gets results. With that said, if a user ends up on your landing page they most likely want to take advantage of the offer you’re promoting and then they want to be on their way in a short period of time. Whether you are offering a product or service, keep the information about the offer short, sweet, and to the point.

Aspects To Include:

  • Key features
  • Highlights of your product/service
  • How your product/service will benefit the user

Landing Page Don’ts

  • The page is too complex
  • There is no call to action
  • Lack of information on your product
  • Too many products or offers listed on one page (hint, make multiple landing pages)

Curious about some additional examples of things to avoid on a landing page? Click Here!

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