What are Breadcrumbs and How Do They Help SEO?

Breadcrumbs are a simple tool you can implement throughout your website that help both users and search engines navigate through your website. In recent years, Google has been stressing how breadcrumbs can help your search rankings, but what are breadcrumbs? And how do they work?

What are SEO Breadcrumbs?

Simply put, breadcrumbs are tiny links you can have on each page of your website (excluding your home page) that describe the path to that particular page. If you aren’t familiar, they are most commonly used for product or service offerings. You may be an organization that offers many products, and if you care about user experience you’ve probably organized your products into categories, or even sub categories. In this case, the breadcrumb would be a small collection of links describing this at the top of your product page. For example category/subcategory/product. Each word between the slashes would be an active link to the next higher page. So now that we’ve established what breadcrumbs are, why do they help SEO?

Internal Linking

While most of us are familiar with how internal linking throughout or sites help connect the pages more thoroughly than just on the menu. Especially for websites that have many pages. While a navigation menu is a must for any site, sometimes sites with many pages can start to look a little crowded on the navigation menu, especially on mobile. While breadcrumbs aren’ a replacement for a good navigation menu, you might want to consider utlizing more category style navigation in combination with breadcrumbs. Just like an HTML sitemap in your footer, breadcrumbs help strengthen the connection between each page.

Information Hierarchy

Another aspect of websites that Google tends to latch on is clear and strong information hierarchy. This just means that the information on your home page is as simple and general as it gets, and as you travel down the layers of categories or page groups you get more specific. Breadcrumbs help reinforce this information hierarchy and make it easy to navigate.


Last but not least, user experience is so important to Google. Breadcrumbs help make easy navigation possible without having to dive back into a menu or hit the back button. Users can easily see what they are viewing and what category they are in.

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