What Are Black Hat SEO Techniques?

Though you may be eager to boost your website’s rankings, there’s definitely a right and wrong way to do so. Black hat SEO tactics are practices that are otherwise unethical and can cause search Google to penalize your website. Following the Webmaster Guidelines that Google has laid out for you will only benefit you in the long run, but many still opt for black hat SEO shortcuts. Let’s review some of the most common black hat SEO tactics and how to avoid them.

Common Blackhat SEO Techniques

Black hat SEO consists of manipulative SEO practices that trick search engines into ranking pages higher. Some of the most common methods search engine tricksters employ are:

  • Keyword stuffing: This includes saturating website content with targeted keywords in a way that basically devalues the content. Google wants to offer users with pages that are genuinely insightful and provide helpful information. A blog article, for example, that repeats essential keywords in every other sentence does not promote a good user experience and is not useful for your site down the road.
  • Article spinning: This practice is essentially another form of plagiarism. It includes changing out certain words in an existing piece of content and/or altering the general structure of the content and claiming the “new” piece as original. Google wants to see and promote new content – posting recycled content on your website will only frustrate the user and negatively impact your rankings.
  • Link buying: A web page with high-quality links communicates a site’s trustworthiness to Google. Link buying is the practice of working with another website owner and paying them to include a hyperlink to your site on their pages to increase your traffic and enhance rankings. Though Google has developed algorithms to make this practice obsolete, it still hasn’t stopped some from attempting this technique.

Many of these practices were used more frequently years ago. One black hat SEO technique that had been used frequently was hidden text, which is invisible text on a page that only Google can pick up and read.

Why Is Black Hat SEO So Bad?

In general, black hat SEO tactics promote a terrible experience for the user. Since these techniques are primarily used to deceive Google and enhance rankings and impressions, it offers users unhelpful content that is full of spam. Using these tactics can result in Google refusing to index your web pages.

This poor experience will also make users feel your business is illegitimate, and they will likely not give you their contact information or make a purchase. These tactics do not lead to the positive web traffic nor the profits you’re looking for.

Websites that use these tactics may not have a great SEO strategy in place and feel backed into a corner. At Boston Web Marketing, we make sure you never have to resort to black hat SEO techniques to get the results you’re looking for. To boost your website the right way, contact us today!

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