What are Best Practices for Facebook Advertising? 

In today’s world, marketing on social media, and especially Facebook is nearly imperative for any business. Whether you’re a small local business owner, contractor, or nation-wide company, the benefits of social media as a place to advertise your business is invaluable. You can choose to use it as a free tool by creating posts and stories, but can also capitalize on their advertising opportunities. Facebook is a highly popular platform; In fact, more than 79% of American internet users are on it. With such a large audience, it allows you to reach potential clients of all ages. So how can you make the most of these advertisements? We have some tips! 

Know Your Audience

Did you know that the average American sees between 4,000-5,000 advertisements every single day? With an absurd amount of advertising bombarding us on the internet, on television, in print ads, etc., our brains naturally are going to pick and choose what we want to pay attention to. That’s why it’s crucial to target your Facebook Ads specifically to those that may be interested- Why waste money advertising a product to someone who simply has no interest in it? Make the most of your budget and targeting by analyzing your Facebook followers, who’re engaging in your content, etc. This will help you create a more defined audience when it’s time to launch your ads.  


All successful Facebook Ads have one thing in common; A clear call-to-action, and a good reason for someone to take that action. Whether your end goal is to get consumers to purchase your product, attend an event, sign up for your newsletter, etc., that should be clear in your Ad. Include a button that takes them to the product, include a discount code for a sale, or any other CTA that is relevant.

Use Original Designs

Shutterstock images have been used thousands of times, and are simply not unique to your business. Whenever possible, use original content and images that showcase what makes your products, services, and business stand out. It’s much more likely to catch your consumers eye, than an Ad that looks like every other one on their timeline.

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