What Am I Doing Wrong with My Paid Facebook Ad Campaign?

Facebook advertising presents companies with a way to advertise to thousands of people, in an inexpensive manner. It’s no wonder that there are now over 4 million advertisers on Facebook. Even though companies are swarming to start advertising on Facebook, not all campaigns are successful. Here we will review the top mistakes companies are making with Facebook ads, so that your campaign can be successful!

Target Audience
The first thing you need to do is define your target audience. You may think broader advertising will work here, but by defining exactly who it is you want to reach, you increase the chances that they will be interested and click on your ad. When defining your target audience, consider demographics such as age, gender, and income, and psychographics such as interests and values.

Since your headline will be one of the first things a person sees, it is imperative to come up with a headline that catches their attention. The best headlines will describe how your product or service will benefit the viewer, is specific with numbers, and specific with a time frame.

Call to Action
Your ad should always entice your viewer to take action immediately, whether it is downloading an e-book, joining a mailing list, purchasing a product, or signing up for a service. Pair the benefits of your product with a sense of urgency: “Suffering from back pain? Find relief in 10 Minutes with Acme Muscle Rub!”

No matter what you are advertising, always remember to include a picture. Facebook posts with high definition images are twice as likely to receive engagement than those without. Sometimes the photo you choose just doesn’t resonate with your audience. In this case try split testing where you run the same ad with different photos, and compare the analytics data.

Bad Landing Page
The page where you send your viewers when they click on your ad, should be optimized to generate conversions. For starters, it should send them to page that is relevant to your ad, and not just your homepage. It should also be easy to navigate. Make it easy for the visitor to convert into a customer with one solid call to action. Don’t try to send them to other parts of your website. If you are selling a product or service, have a few customer testimonials on the landing page and have a link to your privacy policy or terms and conditions.

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