Were You Unable to Access Zoho Last Week?

Were you unable to access Zoho last week?

Last week the Zoho Corporation, the provider of online apps for businesses were a target of multiple criminal cyber-attacks known as Distributed Denial of Services (DDOS) aimed to deny access to users of any one of Zoho’s suite of services.

Zoho further emphasized that while access to its apps were affected, user data were not compromised. Zoho also released a question and answer segment on their blog as if yesterday afternoon to try and answer any questions that people may have had about the cyber-attack and what efforts have been taken to mitigate the issue. Zoho has confirmed that they have their network and infrastructure team working nonstop on restoring the software since the attacks started last week.

Zoho has not confirmed a specific time when they will have all of their services completely restored.

“This kind of attack makes this unknowable. These are criminals using the internet to extort companies and deny service to their paying customers. If past experience of other companies is any guide, such attacks can last from hours to days.”

The team at Zoho believes that user passwords do not need to be changed and that user email messages will not be lost, although there may be a holdup as to when the messages are sent and when they will be re-sent; this process may take a few days. There is nothing else that Zoho users can do to quicken the process except patience and support.

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