Websites Without HTTPS Will Be Marked “Not Secure” This July

Google has officially announced that websites that haven’t migrated to HTTPS by July 2018 will be marked as “not secure” in the address bar. Currently, the warning that appears is simply a circle with a lowercase “i” inside. The new notification will coincide with the release of both Chrome 68 and a new Speed Update.
Google has been pushing for webmasters and developers to migrate websites to HTTPS for several years, with a bigger push coming at the end of last year with indications that migration would lead to a boost in ranking. Starting last year, HTTPS websites began to see higher rankings, taking up half of the first page of search results. Mobile sites will not be indexed without HTTPS. Almost 70% of all traffic is now protected, according to research performed by Google.
Adding HTTPS to your website provides an additional layer of encrypted security for data transferred between the user and the website’s server. Prior to this most recent push, HTTPS was most commonly found on websites dealing with financial information, email exchanges or eCommerce platforms. Starting in 2014, Google began the charge for widespread migration to HTTPS to provide better security to all online users, not just individuals using websites to purchase items. On eCommerce platforms, the extra level of security often made the difference between a shopper choosing one business over another. Depending on the number of pages you are migrating, transferring a website to HTTPS can take some time, so it may be better to make the switch sooner rather than later. This can be accomplished by purchasing an SSL certificate from your hosting provider.

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