Why Is My Website Traffic Dropping?

As you review your data analytics month to month, it can be nerve-wracking to notice a sudden or gradual decline in website traffic. Though this drop can often be explained by normal shifts in user behavior and interests, there are a few other reasons why your traffic has decreased. We’ve outlined a few of the most prominent reasons for web traffic decline and some simple tips for giving declining traffic a much-needed boost.

Irrelevant or Outdated Content

Having content that isn’t useful on your website can be one of the main reasons your web pages aren’t ranking well and traffic is decreasing. For example, if your website is sports-related and is still highlighting the 2023 NBA Finals in 2024, Google will likely not rank you for any queries about basketball in 2024. Regularly audit your website and update any information that is no longer relevant to current target keywords and popular search queries.

Changes in Google’s Algorithm

An essential SEO practice is to ensure all website content adheres to Google’s algorithmic preferences. This algorithm can change rather frequently, altering search results in the process. It is important to keep an eye on your organic traffic and make the necessary adjustments. Perform a bit of research to see what the latest algorithm update entailed. Then, add these changes to your site and watch for traffic growth.

A Seasonal Lull in Business

Some small businesses experience peak seasons, where web traffic is much higher than usual. The real estate market, for one, is much more active during the summer months and experiences a bit of a drop during the winter. At the end of the year, you’re likely noticing conversions are not as high and there are not as many new visitors. This is okay! In the meantime, try to create relevant content that your target audience will be interested in during the off-season so they have you in mind when the busy season comes back around.

Data Tracking Errors

This month, you’ve noticed website traffic has dropped nearly 70%. You feel a sharp pang of anxiety – what could cause such a sudden shift? Before getting too worked up, ensure you have the right tracking code embedded in your site. If you notice the tracking code is incorrect, fix it and keep an eye on Google Analytics to ensure proper data tracking going forward.

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