Mistakes You Might Be Making on Your Website to Push Visitors Away

Search Engine Optimization is crucial in maximizing your website’s presence online. While it’s very important to get users to your site, that’s only half the battle. Once they click on that link to visit you, you need to convert the visitor into a lead. Unfortunately, there are specific aspects of a website that will discourage users from staying. Here are some of the common tactics that websites use which actually push visitors away:

Your website is outdated

Outdated websites can cause many problems. If someone comes across your website and it is outdated, they might automatically assume that there is no up to date or relevant information on your website and click right out. You don’t necessarily have to have all the latest tools and features but it is important to have a design that looks up to date, clean, and modern. This can greatly change your potential customer’s first impression of your business. 

Leading them towards the wrong content

When someone searches on google or on your website for something, they are telling you what they want. They expect that once they click on a link, they should be directed to the information they are seeking. If a user is to land on a basic, general homepage or a far too in-depth product portfolio page, you could see a quick bounce from that visitor. Make sure every page title and meta description includes exactly what can be found on that page. 

Asking for a call to action too early

Many sites that people click on have a fantastic product and great content, but some of these sites jump the gun and ask for a commitment too early. If a user is being asked to sign up for an email list before even seeing or reading about your product, there is a good chance they will just move along to another site.

Hiding call to actions

On the other spectrum of pushing a call to action in your face, people are hurting themselves by not providing easy-to-find calls to action. You need to make it as easy as possible for users to take action. If you hide an email or phone number, you may frustrate the user, which could result in them leaving the site. It is best practice to have visible call to actions (contact form, phone number, or email address) above the fold.

Poor mobile experience

In the current world we live in, with people strapped to their mobile phones all day long, it is crucial that your website is mobile-friendly. By being mobile-friendly, you shouldn’t have to zoom in or zoom out to look at any content. If people are frustrated trying to navigate your site, they won’t stick around. By turning your website mobile-friendly it is likely people will stay on your website and spend more time searching for what they are looking for rather than clicking right out.

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