A Website Ranking Higher Than Usual For Unrelated Keywords

For website business owners, Google Search Console is a valuable free tool. When you have a Google Search Console account set up for your business, your website is essentially connected to Google’s data regarding your website. When you look over your Google Search Console account, you will be able to monitor how your website is measuring up in Google’s search result queries. Google Search Console has many functions but is often used to see how your respective website is doing against your competitors when it comes to keywords. Over time, you may notice that your website is ranking for some keywords not related to your industry. In this blog, we will tell you the most common reasons why that is happening.

Random Keywords

According to Google’s John Mueller, if your website is ranking on google search for random keywords, it can be traced to two reasons: personalization and local targeting. How you chose to personalize your website and the area you aimed at targeting can cause your website to rank for keywords not related to your industry. There is nothing wrong with your website ranking for keywords you did not intend for because it just creates more exposure for your website.

Do The Images On My Website Have Anything To Do With This?

According to Google, yes it can. It is quite possible the images you have on your website and the Alt-Text on them are being pulled into these search results for these unrelated keywords.

Use Google Search Console To Its Full Potential

Google Search Console enables website owners to analyze data throughout a website. If you are curious as to why your website is ranking for some random keywords, look further into the impressions section. You can narrow down which country or states your random keywords are ranking in and get a better idea of why your website may be ranking for unrelated keywords.

Professional Digitial Marketing Agency: Boston Web Marketing

At Boston Web Marketing, our highly trained team can help you set up a Google Search Console Account and help you monitor it. Using Google Search Console is becoming increasingly more important to understand your audience and stay ahead of your competitors. Get in contact with us asap and we will be able to help optimize your website and search results.

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