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How Long Will It Take My Website To Rank On Google?

While there are plenty of search engines available to potential users, Google is considered the Holy Grail. Globally, Google has nearly an 86% hold on the worldwide search engine market, so it is no wonder that Google tends to be the main focus when creating SEO strategies. The end goal of any SEO strategist is to help their client’s website rank on the top of the first page of Google, but how long does it actually take to achieve this? Continue reading on the learn how long you should expect to wait before you see your page rank boost.

Don’t Expect Results Overnight

With the most robust, meticulously planned SEO strategies, many business owners hold the expectation that they should be ranking within weeks or even days of kicking off their SEO efforts. Unfortunately, this could not be further from reality. On average, it takes between 90-180 days to see page rankings drastically improve. Of course, the industry and demographics of your business can play a huge role in how long this process takes as well. In most cases, a clothing store in small-town New Hampshire will improve its rank much quicker than an Italian restaurant in New York City. As we have all heard before, patience is a virtue- this could not be more true when it comes to SEO and page rankings.

How Does My Website Actually Get Ranked?

There are dozens of factors that determine how high your website will rank on Google. Some of the ranking factors which work on the fastest timeline, however, include some simple updates such as proper alt text use, H tag optimization, and appropriate page titles. Another vastly important ranking element is the quality of website content. Your website’s content should be original, unique, high quality, and overall be pertinent to your website. Not only does poor content quality dissuade users from visiting your website, but Google may also actually penalize you in the event of unoriginal or spam content on your website.

Perhaps one of the greatest reasons it takes a long time for websites to rank is due to Google’s heavy favoritism of older, more established websites. Google has publicly released that any domain younger than six months is considered a “new” website and thus holds less value. This is in response to increases in spammy, unoriginal websites being created. With Google’s various algorithms, bots and policies it is best to focus on a long-term goal and work within the guidelines to build your page rank over time.

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