Website Audit: Errors To Fix Quickly

Running a website audit can be a great tool for improving your website’s SEO. Not only will it give you ways to improve your strategy, but it will also highlight critical errors that you’ll need to fix. Fixing these errors will only improve your favorability with Google! As there are website errors that you can brush off during an audit, there are some errors that deserve your complete attention to fix. So, what are the most important errors to keep an eye out for? We break them down for you below!

Image With Missing Alt Text

Accessibility is key when it comes to designing your website. It can also land you in legal hot water if you don’t take the steps to improve it! One of the most important features when it comes to website accessibility is the alt text you put on images. If your image breaks or is otherwise unviewable, your audience will get a good idea of what you’re trying to convey. If you have images that are missing this, it could decrease your website’s favorability to Google! If you see these errors during an audit, you can make quick work of them.

Broken Hyperlinks

Broken hyperlinks are some of the most critical errors that your website can have. The more broken links you have on your website, the less favorable your website looks to Google. Google tends to favor those websites that are more put together and have less room for error. Luckily, these broken links are pretty easy to spot on a website audit. If you use the right software, you’ll be able to navigate directly to the page with the link and either remove it or set up a redirect. If you see these errors, do not ignore them!

Duplicate Content

The duplicate content website audit errors are tricky ones to make right. You obviously don’t want any content that’s a direct repeat of another page on your website, but what if the error stems from something like a privacy policy page? Use your best judgement when met with this error, but you’ll likely need to do one of two things. If the website’s content is duplicated, you’ll need to make changes to ensure that it’s unique. If it falls into the privacy policy category, however, that is a page you’ll want to no-index. Google won’t scan that page when looking at your website.

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