Web Design Trends You Need to Pay Attention To

Like everything else on the internet, web design has taken some major strides. Those trends that used to be “in” are now obsolete as companies try to find new and better ways to reach their audience. Here are four up and coming web design trends that you should think about adding to your website.


The internet is all about personalization. Personalized ads and content appear all the time since Google and other search engines know what you have searched in the past and try to display things that are visually appealing to the individual consumer. The same can be said about your website and how you design it. Designing your website to appeal to your target market instead of the general population will make it more attractive. This process begins early on in the development process as there a lot of different things to take into consideration like what kinds of people you want to target, where those people live, and what specific products or services are most popular. Catering your website design to match what the customer’s value can help make your website thrive.

Less is More

Having content on your site is important for ranking purposes and SEO but there new and better ways to display it than in the past. Customers want to find the information they are looking for quick and easy and you need to design your site to make that happen. Taking a less is more approach and readily showing the most important parts of your business like your services and contact information can help users find what they are looking for easier. The days of reading lengthy paragraphs are over. Design your content to be short, concise, and to the point.

Voice Search Optimization

I briefly touched on before how SEO plays an important role and voice search is beginning to become a widely used tool due to how sophisticated search engines are becoming. For example, let’s say you own clothing store and a customer searches “What are the best clothing trends for the upcoming summer?” You want to design your content to match what people are searching for. This can consist of changing your page titles and meta descriptions to mimic that of a question that someone would ask or sprinkling in as many keywords that might be in a question into your content.

The Minimalist Approach

One of the few design schemes that have prevailed throughout the ever changing web is the minimalist approach. This approach, now more than ever due to the influx of mobile searches, allows you to design your site to show what’s important. Having too much on your site can distract potential customers from finding what you want them to find. You want to highlight the most important areas of your site while balancing it with the right amount of white space.

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