Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Years ago a unique and informative website for a business was a rarity and not a necessity. Fast forward to 2022 and any business big or small that does not have a website of its own is well behind the curve and, frankly, is more likely to fail. 

Creating a website for your business is just the start, however. A website that was created without a thoughtful design plan and execution is about as helpful as no website at all. Continue reading below to learn some of the most common mistakes web designers make. 

The Layout is Too Busy

Vital business information should always be the first content site users are shown on your site. If users are left scratching their heads wondering what the purpose of your site is they will simply navigate away before you can make an impression. Many small business owners will take this too far and jampack their site with images, formatting, and content to show just what they’re about. However, this too can create a poor user experience rooted in poor site speeds and overall confusion due to an overload of content.

Not Enough Content

A website that boasts excess content is certainly a problem as mentioned above, but, so is a website that lacks content. Business owners are often tempted to chase a minimalistic and clean look on their site to avoid confusion. The problem here is that this often leads to a lack of pertinent business information, once again leaving users wondering what they are supposed to gain from your website.

Style is Not Uniform

As with most aspects of business, your website should have one goal and appearance and stick to it, making your brand identity memorable and your website easy to follow. Color schemes, themes, fonts, logos, blog formatting, and much more should remain uniform across your entire site. When navigating from the page a user lands on to a different page on the site, it should be overwhelmingly clear that they are on the exact same website. While, yes, your website needs to be engaging and exciting, there needs to be a level of simplicity and conformity as well. 

Missing Calls to Action

A call to action (CTA) is the driving force behind conversions for your business. Whether it is a simple “visit our store” button, popups, or other tactics, EVERY page on your website should showcase at least one CTA. A good CTA is clear, concise, and informative, never vague. Users should read your CTA and know immediately what they will see when they click on the link. It is important, as well, that your CTA is not interruptive or annoying for users. Use CTAs strategically to break up content or appear after the user has a moment to browse through your site, not immediately upon their session beginning. 

Let the Experts Build Your Site

Website design and management is not a place for a business to cut corners. Let Boston Web Marketing handle it for you! Our dedicated team of experts can tackle every aspect of your online presence from designing your website to managing it and creating content. Contact us today to learn more.


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