Waze Launches Local Ads Primarily Aimed at Small Businesses & Franchises

The Waze app is a great GPS application that stands out from other applications as it is the world’s largest crowd-sourced GPS.  It has become a popular app that lets drivers find the fastest route possible as well as looking out for speed traps where police are likely to be sitting. Businesses have been using the app’s ad feature to help gain exposure and increase revenue. Now, Waze is introducing “Waze-Local” which is a map-based ad platform that is aimed primarily at small businesses and franchises. Advertisers can choose from three different ad units:

  1. Branded Pin – Small ads embedded in maps to show drivers how far away they are from a store. They offer additional information when it is clicked on.
  2. Promoted Search – Gives priority rankings to advertisers in the search context of the app.
  3. Zero-Speed Takeover – A banner ad that will only appear during traffic stops.

Businesses and franchises can utilize any one of these three ad formats to help drive traffic, generate website views, and convert leads. Advertisers can choose from two primary packages that offer different pricing for different business segments. The packages are “Starter” and “Plus.” The starter package is for small businesses with fewer than 10 locations where businesses can pay $2 per day (or more if they choose). The plus package is for businesses with up to 50 locations which is great for franchises and regional chains. These businesses will have to pay $100 per day at a minimum. There is a third, enterprise, option for companies with over 50 locations.

With these ads, businesses and advertisers can track the following off of their Waze-Local ads:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Navigations
  • Call and URL Information
  • Info Button Clicks

If the “Plus” option is chosen, then those ad users are open to a live support feature to help with setup and tips along with getting additional metrics and reporting from their ads. While Waze was bought by Google, this new feature is currently not tied to any other Google advertising product.

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