Ways to Use Google Search Console as a Marketing Tool

If you’re hoping to improve the traffic to your website but are not sure where to start or how to track your success, Google Search Console is a resource you should know about. Not only is it great for key aspects of any marketing strategy, such as keyword research, but it can also help you track the traffic to your website and give you the feedback you need to adjust your marketing strategy effectively. Learn more about a few ways that Google Search Console can help you improve your website’s traffic. 

1) Keyword Research

Keyword research is a key factor of any successful marketing strategy. But, what even is a keyword? A keyword is a word that describes or relates to your website content. Keywords are utilized to help your content reach your target audience, and vice versa. Therefore, it is critical that you are choosing the right keywords for your content. There is a wide variety of strategies for producing effective keywords, and the kinds of keywords you utilize in your content may vary depending on your content, your target audience and your marketing goals. However, tools like Google Search Console can be a great starting point for discovering what people are searching for and which keywords have worked for you in the past through their ‘queries’ results. You can find more about how to utilize keyword research in your marketing strategy here

2) Track Success of Content

Not only is google search console a great tool to help generate new content, but it also has some results that can help you determine whether your content is successfully driving traffic to your website. The ‘top pages’ results show you which pages on your website are performing the best according to the amount of traffic to each page. It will let you know which pages are getting the most clicks, how your website is doing overall and where your website stands in search result rankings. Based on this information, you can determine which kinds of content your audience is responding most to, and adjust accordingly. 

3) Identify Pages That Need Improvement

Similarly, using the same ‘top pages’ tool on Google Search Console, you can see which types of content are not registering with your audience and not driving website traffic or sales. One good way of measuring this is by comparing the number of ‘clicks’ to the number of ‘impressions’ for each website page. If a page is getting a lot of impressions, meaning that a lot of people are seeing your content in their search results, but the number of clicks is low, you may need to tweak your content to ensure it is relevant and providing useful information. 

4) Manage Indexing

Indexing is a vital part of any SEO strategy because it determines whether your website is being crawled by Google bots and shown in search results to potential customers. Google Search Console allows you to track what pages of your website are indexed and request indexing for your website which will help ensure Google bots review your website quickly. To learn more about how to request indexing, here is a great resource. You can check whether your website is indexed as well as manage your website redirects by going to the ‘page errors’ view within Google Search Console. 

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