Ways To Target Google Ads Other Than Keywords

Google Ads are a great tactic for increasing your website traffic and conversions in collaboration with a good SEO strategy. When most people think of Google Ads, they imagine compiling a list of keywords that they want their business to be found for and bidding on these keywords to appear at the top of the search results. However, there are other ways to show your ads to users beyond the typical Google Ads that show up at the top of the page. Take a look at our blog to learn about some of the other ways Google Ads can be displayed.

Display Ads

One of the most common ads that companies run other than standard Google Ads are display ads. While there are a variety of display ads, the most common are banner and text ads that are displayed on webpages you visit. These ads are displayed either with the use of a cookie which follows a user after they visit a website and then provides banner ads to them as they browse around the web. However, you can also specify that your ad is affiliated with a particular group of keywords, and when users visit pages that display contextually similar content they will be shown your ads. Display ads can also be targeted with topics, which function like keywords with a broader reach, as well as placements, which involves bidding for placement on specific websites.

Video Ads

Another popular style of ads that many companies run are video ads. These ads are displayed on Youtube, and there are a few different varieties:

  • Display
  • Overlay
  • Skippable Video
  • Non-Skippable Video
  • Bumper Ads

These different styles of ads are offered at a variety of price points, allowing companies with smaller budgets to compete for ad space despite not having the funds for video ads. Youtube reaches over a billion people, so there are a variety of ways to narrow down your ad targeting. You can target with information as wide as basic demographic information, or as narrow as interest targeting or affinity audiences, which are targeted at people who have interests in topics related to the ad. With such a wide variety of possibilities, it is easy to narrow down your ads, or create as broad of an audience as you would like!


Finally, we’ve arrived at another style of targetting that many people will be familiar with; remarketing. In its simplest terms, remarketing uses a cookie to track a user after they’ve visited a site and run Display or Youtube Ads to readvertise content from a site that the user previously visited. If you’ve ever put an item in your shopping cart and left a site, you’ve likely noticed banner ads on the side encouraging you the buy the product you were looking it, or related products.

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