Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate

Do you know what bounce rate is? Bounce rate is single-page sessions divided by the all sessions on your site or the percentage that visitors only viewed one single page. Some people do not know how to reduce their site’s bounce rate. Here are some easy ways to do so:

Optimizing Page Load Speeds

Many people assume that there must be an issue with the page’s content if they have a high bounce rate. Bounce rate issues can happen before the user can even read the content on that page. Many users expect pages on a site to load in less than two seconds. Page speed can have a significant effect on bounce rate and SEO in general. Mobile page speed is even more important. Mobile users will tend to click out faster than on a desktop if the page isn’t loading fast enough. Make sure your page load speeds are up to par! 

Having a Clear Call-to-Action

Determining what action you want users to take on each page of your site can help with bounce rate. Having a clear call-to-action on each page will get users to stick around and see what you have to offer. The more CTA that you have on one page can cause users to be confused. They may see a few and evaluate each of them before taking action. Don’t make each page overwhelming. Give them one option and help visitors reach their goal instead of deterring them away. 

Strategic Internal Linking

Many people think adding a large number of internal links on each page of your site will reduce the bounce rate. Having an overload of internal links taking up the entire piece of content can push users away. It is overwhelming to look at, and they will tend to exit out as soon as they see it. Keep using internal links, but strategically place them. Focus on what is relevant and essential to link for users.

Mobile Optimization

A lot of sites are still not fully optimized for mobile use. If you have a site that isn’t optimized for mobile, chances are the users will take their business elsewhere. It can take a lot of time and effort to convert to a mobile-friendly site, but it will be worth it in the long run. Many people turn to their phones to search rather than using a desktop, especially people who are always on the go or need last-minute info. Optimizing your site for mobile-friendliness can help you keep users interested and on your site. 

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