Ways to Optimize Your YouTube Videos

If you’ve ever looked up a video on google, then you’ve probably been redirected to YouTube at one point or another. YouTube is a great place to post videos of your work, find information on DIY yourself projects, as well as find new music. The list of uses for YouTube goes on and on. Did you know you can optimize your videos to help rank better like pages on a website? Today we take a dive outside the normal SEO tactics and give you insight on how to optimize your videos to rank better and get found quicker.


No matter what form of content you are trying to optimize, keywords are a pivotal part. Autocomplete is a huge feature that YouTube utilizes and you want to make sure that your keywords are revolving around what people are searching. For example, if you are posting a video on how to make a chicken pot pie, you want your keywords to describe exactly what the video is displaying. Keyword phrases like “chicken pot pie recipe” or “how to make a chicken pot pie” are both detailed and explain exactly what your video is portraying.

Titles, Descriptions, and Tags

It may not seem like a big deal, but the description of your video is important. On the surface, its an area to describe in detail what your video is about but the underlying use for it is to add more keywords. According to YouTube, only the first 157 characters of your description are displayed so it is important to include relevant and important information for viewers to see. Other than keywords, adding something like a call-to-action can be beneficial.


So you just created a video and you have no doubt in your mind that it is the coolest, most interesting video ever on how to create a chicken pot pie! If so, then you are in luck because the content itself is half the battle. Having clear, well-constructed videos that appear both engaging and informative in the eyes of YouTube will rank better.

Encourage Subscriptions

Similar to how you want people to follow and like your posts on Twitter and Facebook, the same can be said for YouTube. Tell viewers to like your videos and subscribe to your channel for future videos to come. The more subscribers you have, the better chance you have at ranking better because YouTube knows that people with subscribes produce engaging content. Doing things like having a call-to-action at the end of videos or on your website can help.

Naming Your Files

This is a simple step that many tend to overlook. Simply rename your files to coincide with what your video is about (chickenpotpierecipe.mp4 vs. finalproduct.mp4). This will let search engines crawl your videos with ease and increase the likelihood of them being found on search engines like Google and Bing.

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