Ways to Increase Your Followers on Instagram

More and more, we’re seeing businesses adding their brand to the social media platform, Instagram. While businesses are utilizing all that it has to offer, they’re also facing some challenges. Since you can’t make “like-building” on Instagram, like you can on Facebook, it can be difficult to increase your followers and user engagement. To help with this, we’ve got some tips to increase your business following on Instagram.

6 Ways to Help You Gain Followers

  1. The first thing you should do before you post is to make sure that your Instagram profile is set up correctly. The following information should be included in your profile:
  • Business name
  • Business URL
  • Business description

Once this is done, link your Instagram account to any other social media platforms your business is on. When you do this, any friends or followers you have on those platforms will know that your business is on Instagram and can follow you.

  1. Now that your Instagram is connected to other social media accounts, you can add a tab on your business Facebook page. With this tab, you’ll let your Facebook fans aware of your Instagram account and give them easy access to it. Along with adding a tab, you can create a feed on Twitter and Facebook of your Instagram photos. Through options, you can set it so when you share on Instagram, you also share on Twitter and Facebook.
  2. Adding hashtags to an Instagram post exposes it to the right people. When posting a photo with a hashtag, that photo is now seen under that specific hashtag page. Using hashtags relevant to your business can help put your account into the hands of those with similar interests. You’ll want to make sure you do some research before you start using hashtags. Make sure the other content in the hashtags you’re using isn’t too offensive. You don’t want to be associated with something that will steer users away from you.
  3. To see what you should and shouldn’t be doing, take a look and see what your competitors are doing. What kind of photos are they posting? What hashtags are they using?
  4. As you start increasing your followers, you can run contests to attract more followers to your Instagram account. Ask your followers to comment, use a hashtag, like or to tag a friend to win the contest. When followers tag someone, you’re getting your brand out to more Instagram followers and making them aware of it.
  5. A great way to ensure you’re posting to Instagram consistently is to create a posting schedule. If you’re posting regularly and then all of a sudden stop, you may find yourself losing following. Keep followers engaged with your account by posting on a regular basis.

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