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Ways To Boost Your Google Reviews

In the digital age, an enormous percentage of consumers go online to assess a business’s reputation before making a purchase. In fact, 97% of consumers report reading online reviews before deciding to use a business, meaning that having a good online reputation can help grow your business. With so much to gain from having plenty of good online reviews, it is important to ensure that you’re doing all you can to improve your business’s online reputation! Keep reading below to learn how you can accumulate plenty of high-quality reviews for your business!

Provide Great Service

Obviously, the most important thing you can do to improve your business’s online reviews is to provide customers with exceptional service. If you provide consumers with the services they are looking for, all while providing great customer service, you are likely to get happy customers posting reviews here and there. However, there are strategies you can employ to grab more reviews without having to wait and cross your fingers that your hard work will pay off and result in reviews.

Ask Customers For Reviews

One of the easiest ways to boost your business’s online reviews is incredibly simple; just ask! Many consumers will be happy to leave you a review if you have provided them with a great product or exceptional service. There are a variety of ways you can ask for these reviews. You could verbally ask customers for reviews after the job, send a postcard or email, or have a pop-up on your website or a link in your email signature. There are a variety of ways to provide consumers with the opportunity to review you, just remember to ask!

Remind Your Team

Asking for reviews doesn’t need to be a one-person effort. Be sure to have your whole team asking for reviews, particularly if you have a sales team that is interacting with customers on a daily basis. An easy way to remind your staff to ask for these reviews is to offer a small incentive for getting these reviews, with additional benefits if they are mentioned by name.

Don’t Stress About Bad Reviews

Finally, while you’re out asking customers for reviews, you may encounter bad reviews from time-to-time. This may concern you, but it shouldn’t as you could provide what you feel is perfect service or a great product, and someone having a bad day could still find a reason to disapprove of your service. In those scenarios, the best thing you can do is respond to the review to show both the unhappy patron and potential customers that you care about providing the best service possible to your customers. It is hard to maintain a perfect 5-star rating on Google, and many customers even perceive a business with no negative reviews to be a bit untrustworthy, so don’t stress about a negative review here and there.

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