Ways PR Reps can Incorporate Periscope Into Their Content

Periscope, an app that live streams video and audio for anyone willing to watch or listen, was bought by Twitter in February. The app allows broadcasts to be replayed up to 24 hours and can be saved to your mobile device. Schools have started to use it to take digital field trips to locations they might have difficulty getting to.

Here are a few methods how Periscope can bring your content to new levels:

  • Familiarize your new audiences with your business in a graphic way. For potential clients, you could have an open house, a guided tour or a virtual open house to introduce yourself.
  •  Give your clients behind the scenes access by introducing employees they might not normally meet. You can also show an off-limits area or room that contributes a lot to the business or company.
  •  By having a live conference, you’ll be able to have a Q&A section and deliver any news faster and to a wider audience.
  • Periscope allows businesses to broadcast events to surrounding communities. This could be anything from an upcoming sale or show them at a trade show.

These are just a few ways that Periscope can help connect on a more in-depth level with new and returning clients and audiences.

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