Waving Goodbye to App Stores

Any website owner knows that optimizing their site is crucial when looking to obtain high-quality traffic that will convert. This goes for any website, regardless of what it is promoting, and the same can be said for mobile apps. Developers who see their app reach the levels of success that the most common apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, and others see today, have taken the time not only to create a unique app that solves a problem but they have also taken the time to properly optimize the app to ensure that it is indexing across search engines.

When individuals think of search engines, their first thought is typically relating to how they are helpful in regards to finding websites, not apps. Although, according to Google, in the past four years alone the rate of people finding mobile apps through online search engines has grown from 2-3% to a whopping 27%. When most smartphone users would typically go to an app store such as “Google Play” or apples “App Store” they now don’t have to as these large companies are phasing out such processes by becoming better at ranking apps in online search engines.

Mobile App Indexing

Google’s main goal is to provide users with the highest quality result possible in as few clicks as it can. This can be said for users searching for a website, or an app. For this reason, it is important for those developing an app to make sure that it is fully optimized to ensure that it can be properly indexed by Google.

Since 2013 Google has had mobile app indexing which allows users to click directly into apps on their Android and iOS smartphones and tablets by clicking on listings in Google search results. Mobile indexing has evolved over time to include things such as functionality on Safari as well as what Google refers to as the “app pack”. This pack is simply a group of relevant apps that appear at the top of mobile searches and displays information similar to regular search engine rankings such as the apps ranking, price, and more.

This is why it is so important for those looking to get their mobile app ranking to ensure that they are not only optimizing for the right keywords but also creating a positive user experience that generates legitimate positive reviews.

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