Was your Site Mistakenly Marked as “Hacked” by Google?

Late last week, dozens upon dozens of business owners noticed Google had labeled their site as hacked; now it’s not unusual for a few sites to carry this label, but when dozens and dozens of businesses carry this hacked label, some red flags are raised.

Google was notified right away of this issue, and they did in fact make a mistake! (Even Google is not perfect!) They said that when rolling out their new hacked page classifier, that they did in fact noticed some miscalculations. If it makes you feel a little better, they did apologize for making the mistake.

The next question that is on everyone’s mind is how to remove a business from this hacked label?

Google’s John Mueller mentioned if your site was wrongfully marked as hacked, you can fill out a form, Google will review it, and if goes well, they will remove the tag from your site. Fill out this form to remove the hacked tag from your website.

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