Want To Rank For Voice Search? Aim For Snippets

With the astronomical rise of voice search devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, it’s no surprise why voice search is becoming more popular. A recent report revealed that Google Home answers almost mirror snippet/Answer Box answers. During this report, questions were manipulated and worded differently to gauge the range of responses and where Home is pulling them from. The different categories of questions that were used in this report included:

  • Standard Answer.
  • Location Result.
  • Action Prompt.
  • Definition.
  • Flight Search.
  • Similar Question.

During this experiment, it was found that over 80 percent of answers from Google Home were the same as in the Answer Box or a snippet. The other 20 percent were from different sources if the questions were related to local or flight search. This is a huge sign that marketers should be creating content that not only bodes well for regular searching on a computer but creating content for voice search and snippets as well. While you try to aim for rich snippet results here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Just because you see your content in the rich snippet result on your computer does not mean your content will be pulled in a voice search result.
  • Look out for key phrases where Google doesn’t use answer box information for results. As mentioned before this includes flights, locations, and actions.
  • Google My Business is key to any local related search.

As more voice search devices are being implemented, ranking for snippets and voice search will continue to be on the rise in 2018. Get ahead of the game and start ranking for snippets or the answer box to get traffic from voice searches.

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