How Do I Grow My Page Views?

Page views are fundamental to the success of your website and company because this is how you will reach out to your audience in today’s day and age.  The SEO of your site is essential and we here at Boston Web want to give you a good strategy to follow to boost your page views that will hopefully lead to an increase in conversions. Before following these steps, make sure that your website is optimized efficiently and full of calls to actions to boost your chances of conversions. If your site is ranking poorly or does not have enough ways for clients to interact with your business, you may find your bounce rate rising.

Look for opportunities with organic traffic

If you want to add to your page views, the best thing to do is make sure your site is ranking well. Use a hidden window and look up keywords that you associate with your company. From there you should track where you are in the SERPS. You should also be compiling a report every month to track your progress. After you do that, try to get some valuable backlinks to your site from top ranking websites!

Create pages

Expand your site for SEO. Your website can always be more significant but make sure the content that is on it is original. Your content needs to be geared towards your products or services that are current or in season. An out of season service page can bring the wrong customers to your business and can leave them dissatisfied. Nobody wants to have unhappy customers that can lead to negative reviews which will turn away business. Blogs are also a great way to keep your customers up to date with what’s going on with your company.


After you have gone through all of these steps make sure that you repeat them every month. Rankings and page views are always changing and staying at the top of the SERPS is a very challenging task. We hope these tips will help you climb in the SERPs and bring more page views to your site.


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