Voice Search Metric Coming to Google Search Console

How big of a role does voice search play among total search queries? Apparently enough to warrant its own segmentation in Google Search Console. First reported by John Mueller of Google Webmaster Trends, Google is looking for ways to show webmasters how people are finding their pages by way of voice search.

Segment for Voice Search

Google is in search of ways to provide webmasters the ability to segment out how people search for their site using a keyboard versus voice search in the Search Analytics reports. Essentially, Google is trying to make it easier to determine if users are searching by way of voice recognition or if people are typing in their queries. A similar comparison can be made to the relationship between desktop and mobile devices, and how these metrics are separated.

Current Issues

One issue that stands in the way of having voice search added to Google Search Console is in the way searchers are formatting their questions. Currently, searches made by voice are much longer than searches that are typed. This means that it would be difficult to compile similar voice search queries together with the lower-volume keywords and that it might not show in reports.

Is there a time frame?

There is no time frame of when Google will be beta testing an update to Search Console that will feature a segment just for voice search queries or if there will be another solution that will allow webmasters to separate searches made by voice and searches by keyboard.

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