Voice Search Is Changing Everything

Voice search is rapidly becoming the new norm in today’s society. In 2019 this shouldn’t come as a surprise to us however, voice search is proving to give web developers and SEO reps some difficulty, as this new field of web trafficking has come to light. We will be talking about how to prepare your site for web trafficking from voice search as well as how to optimize keywords towards voice search.


Content is extremely important to your website. Whether you have in-house content writers or freelance your content, you should be aware of updating your page titles & meta descriptions. The way we type and the way we speak usually do not sounds the same. For example, if you are advertising a mattress you may type “Do you need a mattress? Come here at your earliest convenience to pick one!” This is very good for google bots to crawl & will probably give you good points towards SEO. However, this phrase is too long to crawl for voice search a better description would be “Get your new mattress here now!” Studies have shown when people talk to AI that has voice control, they tend to use short sentences that have more keywords.

Voice Tracking

There are many software’s that can now track voice conversions. If you are an SEO rep or work at an agency, then you know about the importance of conversions & showing results of keywords working. Voice tracking conversions may not have a massive impact on conversions but in the upcoming years, you will see it become more and more popular with the increase in technology being sold to the public.

Why you should care

Voice control is becoming the top way to search. Optimizing on voice control now will give you the advantage for what’s to come in the latest trends of SEO. New devices are being built every year that will have some sort of voice control, so the time to optimize for it is now! If you have any more questions or concerns please feel free to call us at 857.526.0096!

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