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Since early last year, it seems numerous SEO and online marketing publications or blogs were discussing voice search. It seemed this was going to be a trend that was coming on quick and marketers better adapt quickly or else they’d be left behind. While voice search is on the rise, it isn’t the drastic increase in queries that were predicted by some. We wanted to write a blog on some of the results we have seen regarding voice search in the industry today.

Age Demographics of Voice Search

Based on a Search Engine Land research study, the demographic that most heavily relied on voice search were those 65 and older. While initially, this may seem unexpected, it makes a lot of sense when you take a step back. Those who may not be as tech-savvy as younger generations find voice search easier once the get the hang of it. The Search Engine Land study claimed that 50% of those who are 65 and older used voice search 1-3 times a day.

Voice Search from What Devices

The study shows that north of 35% of voice searches were conducted via Google Home or Google Assistant. Not surprisingly, a quarter (25%) of searches are conducted via iPhone’s Siri assistant. Android, Amazon Echo, Cortana make up the remaining 40%

Are Results Satisfying Searches

Search Engine Lands study claimed that up to 45% of users stated that voice search is overall reliable with an additional 30% stating it is very reliable. This is 75% of users stating voice search is a reliable and viable way to search and find an answer via the web.

What Does This All Mean?

Of course, like any study, these numbers won’t tell the whole story, but it paints a good picture regardless. The most important thing is to consider when deciding how important voice optimization is for your business is your industry and target demographic. As this blog mentions earlier, users at 65+ are the demographic utilizing voice search the most. It may be beneficial to ramp up voice optimization tactics if you operate a retirement home or offer products targeted at that specific demographic.

Boston Web Marketing: Monitoring Voice Search in a Changing Industry

At Boston Web Marketing, we understand not every business’s web presence marketing strategy will be the same. Depending on the industry, market share, location, and recent algorithm updates and consumer trends regarding your business, SEO and online marketing is a moving target. What makes Boston Web Marketing the area’s top SEO firm is our analysis of a business’s current online presence and creating a plan prioritizing the most important action items.

If you have questions regarding how Boston Web Marketing can help prepare you for an increase in voice search and how this may impact your online presence, give us a call today!


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