Vine: Video Sharing from Twitter

We are all well aware of the latest Smartphone App obsession with Instagram, which was recently bought by Facebook thus further expanding its online empire, but Twitter has recently rolled out an App of its own that although differs in the fact that it features videos instead of pictures, is something that the social media network hopes will spark users’ interest and greatly expand in popularity.

Just like tweets, Twitter has maintained its “limit” reputation and only allows Vine videos to be a maximum duration of 6 seconds.  So what can you even record that is video-worthy when it is only 6 seconds long?  This attribute is actually what many think could make the App so fun; it requires you (and for SEO purposes, business owners) to be creative, unique and different enough to beat out competitors, gain followers and keeping people coming back for more.

Like Instagram and Twitter, Vine allows you to use hash-tags to connect to different groups or people as well as gain followers.  The beauty of Vine really could be that the videos are short and sweet, thus allowing brands or companies to produce short clips (or perhaps even a series of clips) that leave the viewer curious and wanting more.  While Vine is still a newborn App in the social media world, it will certainly be interesting to see how many of the millions of Twitter users decide to experiment with it and if in fact it becomes an additional successful social outlet for businesses to utilize.

By Casey Guntlow

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