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View Peak Restaurant Traffic Hours with Bing

Restaurants are gearing up for some more foot traffic after Bing make a major change to it’s search results. Microsoft’s search engine recently introduced the ability for users to see peak restaurant hours all seven days of the week, as well as be able to book a table. The feature functions similarly to that of Google’s Rich Cards.

All it takes is the simple, yet popular, search “restaurants near me” or “restaurants in [location]” in order to trigger this new feature. Complete with dropdown menus and a carousel displaying all nearby places to grab a bite to eat, this is the ultimate lazy searcher’s tool.

A few other features of this latest update include:

  • Reviews and ratings. Browse through reviews from reliable third party sites by simply clicking a link to access all of them. Don’t have time to read them all? No worries, Bing has included the 3 latest right in the search results.
  • Better images. Just as Google includes photos of menus and decor, Bing is also featuring customer images of both their dishes and the ambiance to give others an idea of the place. Images may also be pulled in from third party sites such as social the restaurant’s social media accounts.
  • Easy-access menus. With the click of a link you can decide right from your phone what you want to eat at a particular restaurant. You can also determine from here the price range of the restaurant as well as the type of food provided.
  • NAP information. Accurate restaurant name, address, hours, and phone number are all clearly listed for users. Getting directions is easy and if one needs to contact the place via phone, it’s only a click away.

The best part about this update? Bing also shows users the best day and even time to visit a particular restaurant in your area!

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