Video SEO and The Trint Player

Videos are all around us. Video tutorials, music videos, and funny videos of animals make up just a few of the endless supply of videos we stream on the internet. Recently, a London-based company called Trint released a tool that allows videos to be crawlable through the transcript within the video. Let’s dive into what this means for search engines and how it could affect the future of SEO.

Video and Its Affect on SERPS

Video content is expected to make a large jump in the upcoming years. It is said that within two years, video content could make up 80% of online traffic. We have already seen this transition begin with videos showing up in Google searches. Google has made it easy to find video results within the first page of a Google search in comparison to having to search on a videos only page in the past.

The Trint Player

As I mentioned before, the tool created by Trint, The Trint Player, will allow videos to be crawlable through the transcript. To date, search engines have only been able to search for videos based on the metadata and description. This is a huge step for video content as a whole and will result in more relevant video results showing up in search results. For example, let’s say you are searching for a specific line in a song or recipe in a food tutorial. Using the Trint Player, search engines will be able to show the attached transcript on their indexing pages and find that song lyric or recipe with ease.

The Trint Player also allows for the transcript to be interactive. Users will have the ability to click on a word in the transcript and have it bring them to that exact part of the video. You will also be able to easily follow along with the transcript and see it without the sound or images of a video.

What Does This Mean for SEO?

Manual transcription requires a lot of work. With The Trint Player, you can take away that grueling process and help videos be found quicker and with more accuracy. Although most journalists don’t look at SEO as a huge part of the content creation process, it will become more pivotal as more videos are created and more optimization tools for videos to surface. In fact, 83% of marketers believe that video is and will continue to become more important to businesses.

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