Video Optimization for SEO 101

YouTube is constantly being updated with new videos, comments, and content making it index on Google extremely well. Having a channel and uploading videos is easy to do and great to build SEO rankings for your website, but optimizing your videos is where people get lazy or don’t know how to. Here is a checklist you should follow to take full advantage of YouTube.

  • Title: You have 99 characters to optimize your title, so consider keywords you want to rank for, remember to include your branding (business name/product) and descriptive, relevant, and informational text.
  • Description: 5,000 characters are available here to describe your video and fill this space with relevant keywords! User ratings and views are considered when ranking your video within YouTube (and therefore Google), make sure to ask for people to rank your video, and share the wealth!
  • Tags: Useful for search terms you use in your title text and description, including names and branding.

Sharing options:

  • Make it public…why else are you putting something on the internet?
  • Allowing commenting: If not here, where? Let people say what they like, don’t like, and create discussion surrounding your video and brand
  • Embedding, Sharing & Syndication: YouTube gives viewers the option to share a video to tons of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Blogs, Tumblr, MySpace, Reddit, Linkedin, and Pinterest) why not get help in spreading your brand.

Now go back to your YouTube Channel and upload,, optimize and share your newly optimized videos!


By: Giovanna DaPrato

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