Video Advertising Statistics

In March, there was a survey reported by Wibbitz on video consumption and consumer’s video advertising preferences. The survey showed that there has been an increase in users watching videos online which most of that is contributed to the increase of mobile devices.  

There are several different ways that consumers prefer to watch videos online and it seems that 45% of viewers surveyed that muted ads are more tolerable while targeted ads came in at 39%. Viewers also surveyed that autoplay ads were only 10% tolerable and interactive ads were 6%.  If you know that your audience doesn’t really appreciate videos with sound, try to take the time to focus on the visual side of advertising. 

It’s important that if you do use target ads, to make sure it’s relevant to your specific audience and it’s no longer than 10 seconds. In the report, 70% of people voiced that they wouldn’t  watch a video ad longer than 10 seconds. The longer your video ad is the smaller percent of people you will get to watch it. 

Facebook was the main social media platform that consumers viewed video ads on. The survey reported that 54% of users choose it as their first social destination for video consumption. If you plan on investing in video ads for your brand, it’s important to take these factors into consideration to ensure your video ads are effective.

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