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Video Ads are Being Tested in Yahoo Search Results

lands end   Yahoo Search ResultsYahoo is currently testing giant video ads that pop up in their search results. The video is so large that it takes over almost the entire page. Also, once this video is done playing there is no collapsing, so users have to scroll down to click on the actual ad or to see search results.

Visually appealing video or brand advertising is something that search engines really haven’t been able to integrate into their results in a meaningful way. Google, as well as Bing, have been working on more visual ads on mobile results for automotive advertisers.

Video has yet to find its way into searches though. There has been some speculation though that both Google and Bing are looking at a future with videos in their search results.

Yahoo has yet to comment on their current ad but did tell AdAge, who first noticed the ads, “We’re continuously developing and testing new ways to enhance our products for advertisers, but we don’t have anything to announce at this time.” It will be very interesting to see the results from Yahoo testing its video ads and whether they continue to incorporate them or not.

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