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Verizon Media’s New Search Engine: OneSearch

It seems like every day there is a new search engine trying to compete with Google and Bing. Each of these startup search engines features some unique value proposition. From DuckDuckGo’s private search features to Ecosia and OceanHero’s charity motivations. Recently Verizon Media created its own search engine: OneSearch. OneSearch appears to be a direct competitor with DuckDuckGo. The core of their value proposition is also a search engine experience that offers little to no tracking data, storing data, or sharing data with advertisers. The key difference between OneSearch and the already existing and successful DuckDuckGo, is that OneSearch is more directed at businesses that want to integrate easily.

Advanced Privacy From OneSearch

Privacy has become a new currency online. In a digital world where it seems more and more information is for sale, there is a high demand for a search engine that records nothing. OneSearch offers an “advanced privacy mode”. This mode will not only stop the engine from recording data, but it also encrypts links and search results. Links even stop working after an hour. This means that links sent from one person to another person will no longer work after the hour time limit. OneSearch also offers the following privacy settings to all of their users:

  • Storage: Data is not stored from search to search, and there is no user profile
  • Sharing: Data is not shared to advertisers for specific users
  • Cookies: There is no cookie tracking which means there are no remarketing opportunities
  • Results: The search engine has self-proclaimed “unbiased and unfiltered results”
  • Encryption: Links, search terms, and search results are encrypted

It is clear from this list of features that Version Media’s OneSearch engine is designed for privacy. With more users seeking privacy, this list could bring them to the search engine. It will take time to see if OneSearch will be able to compete with DuckDuckGo and what share of Google/Bing will visit them. In the meantime, we have to ask the obvious question: how do you market your business on this engine.

SEO/SEM For Verizon’s OneSearch Engine

As it stands, OneSearch is available only in North America on phones/desktops. Eventually, there will be a OneSearch app but as it stands there is none. Although Verizon Media’s OneSearch engine will not track and record info, it will still serve ads. So far there is little news on SEO and OneSearch, and generally speaking, it is best to wait to see if OneSearch will become a big player or not. For now, the best bet is to continue SEO best practices as we track this new entry into this long list on third-party platforms. On the other side, Verizon Media has stated that ads will be picked based on keyword and not on data tracking. This means no remarketing. This means limited demographic factors for ads. Instead using positive & negative keywords will be the most effective strategy for ad placement.

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