Verifying Your Facebook Business Page

Back in May, Facebook made some updates to it branded content rules, which has led to the important of verifying your business or personal page. By verifying your Facebook page, you’re letting people, especially potential customers, that your profile is authentic and legitimate.

  • Facebook pages with a Blue Badge indicates that it is the profile of a brand (like Nike or the NFL), public figure (Barak Obama) or a celebrity (Taylor Swift).
  • Gray Badges prove that the profile has been verified by a business.

By verifying your Facebook Business Page, you’re helping your page rank higher in Google searches, ensuring that potential customers know that your page represents your business and you are able to build trust. To verify your Facebook Business Page, follow our steps below:

  • Log into your Business Page and click Settings.


  • Under General, click edit next to Page Verification.

facebook page verification

  • Choose Verify this Page.

facebook page verification

  • You’ll have two ways to verify: Documentation or Verify by Phone.
  • To Verify by Phone, enter your business phone number, country and language.

business phone number

  • Click “call me now” and be prepared to take down your verification code.
  • Enter your 4-digit verification code, click continue and you are verified!

facebook verification code


Your Facebook Business Page will now have a gray checkmark indicating that it is verified.

verified Facebook page


If you’d rather verify your Facebook Business Page with documentation instead, follow the steps below:

facebook documentation


Once Facebook receives your documentation, they will review the information to confirm whether or not it’s legitimate. In a couple of days, you will receive an email or notification about your verification.

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