UTM Tracking on GMB: What It Is & How It Works

If you work closely alongside the world of digital marketing and SEO, then you may have heard the acronyms “UTM” or “GMB” before. Perhaps you do not know what they stand for, or maybe you have never gotten around to utilizing them. UTM and GMB can be applied to anyone with a website for their company who’s looking to gain local traffic to their site, so be sure to continue reading to discover how you can use GMB, UTM, and both of them together.

UTM: Urchin Traffic Monitor

A UTM code is a fragment of code that you can add to the end of a URL to monitor campaigns and content performance. There are five different aspects of URL parameters that you can track with UTM. These five aspects are the source, medium, campaign, term, and content. UTM, the acronym for “Urchin Traffic Monitor”, can highlight the traffic and data coming to and from your site with a simple code. This name comes from Urchin Tracker, a web analytics software that previously served as the base for what is now known as Google Analytics.

GMB: Google My Business

GMB, or Google My Business, is a tool that manages and optimizes your Business Profile within Google. A Business Profile is Google’s way of indicating your business listing on their platform. Business Profiles can appear through search results, typically being found on Google Maps and in the local results of a search. The only metrics that Google requires are the business name, category, and location. Searchers can view Business Profiles to incorporate their own experience. Whether this appears in the form of a review, photo, question, or answer to a question, GMB allows searchers to view the company’s point of view and other consumers.

So, How Do These Work Together?

If you have a Google My Business page and want to effectively track the users coming to your website from this page, this is where UTM tracking comes in. There is a simple method to incorporate a UTM link to your GMB page. First, you will generate a UTM code for the desired traffic you are looking to monitor. For most general examples where SEO is prevalent, you will want to track organic traffic data. To accurately track your organic traffic from GMB, search for a UTM code-generating website and enter your information. You will paste your website URL, select your source as “Google”, use the medium “Organic”, and make this campaign name “Google My Business”. After that, the site should have enough information to generate a UTM code to paste as your URL in GMB. This is a great way to monitor your organic traffic leads from your Google My Business page.

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