Utilizing YouTube: Tips for Users

We all know YouTube and most of us use it regularly, watching videos on topics ranging from how to remove a red wine stain from your carpet to this week’s top ten sports replays.  For business owners though, YouTube offers opportunity beyond simple entertainment; it is another avenue to use to help promote your brand or company, and it is much easier to do than some may think.  A recent article offered various insider tips for those who have yet to travel down the video advertisement road, and after considering several of these, many are likely to conclude that YouTube actually is worth a shot.

  1. Use Your Resources: While it might be quicker to post a photo or write a two sentence announcement on Facebook or Twitter, creating a business-related video to upload is easier than you think.  Many people assume that the process of filming, editing and posting a video is one that requires more resources than they have, but truth be told, a perfectly acceptable and respectable ad for your brand or company can be recorded right from your phone.  The beauty of the iPhone is that the camera records videos with great quality and there are even multiple editing apps out there that will alter the video in no time at all.  YouTube even allows you to upload the video directly from your phone, so there is little to no reason why a company should not take advantage of the resources directly in front of them that will not even cost them any money.
  2. Reach Out to Local Bloggers: While using social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to share your videos is obviously beneficial, it is also suggested that you research what the most popular local blogs are (the more related to your particular company or brand, the better) and take steps towards connecting with them in the hopes that they will want to promote your video on their own site.  Asking your friends and family to share your video is one thing, but utilizing a local blogger with a wider following opens the door to greater online exposure.
  3. Quality Content: The key to an effective video is to provide the viewers with an interesting scenario that provides information, rather than just something with a basic, commercial-like feel.  You want to intrigue the viewers, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a local blogger feature your video, in order to create a positive memory.  This tip involves engaging in video optimization, which includes everything from making an eye-catching advertisement to incorporating important business-related keywords in your script as well as on your YouTube channel.  Including the correct tags and the best keywords on your channel allows for the optimal organic rankings on search engines.  While many business owners may be unaware of how to properly optimize their channel and all of their videos, the beauty of a company like Boston Web Marketing is that we provide service and assistance in each and every contributing stage of the SEO process, video optimization included.

There are always additional tips and factors that a company should take into consideration when deciding to utilize YouTube videos as an avenue for promotion, but these three suggestions are fundamental and truly required in order to achieve the most successful exposure and hopefully the most businessWe all enjoy a catchy video, and if it is one in which you are able to feature yourself and your brand, then you are one step ahead of a boring, less SEO-savvy competitor.

– Casey Guntlow

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