Utilizing Yelp’s New Lead Generation Tools

Yelp is beginning a rollout of their revamped lead generation tool, which allows potential customers to book appointments and match businesses who perform their desired services. Along with their Request a Quote service, which has been active since 2016, the service will be launching a Nearby Jobs service in order to help small businesses generate leads as a part of their monthly subscription service, allowing businesses to proactively reach out to prospective customers searching for similar projects or requesting similar services.       

Who can use this service?

The Request a Quote function is currently available for businesses in over 60 categories throughout Yelp, with the number continuing to grow to include a number of service businesses. Businesses including photographers, salons, automotive repair shops and contractors will be able to provide customers with the ability to request a quote directly from their listing, where they can see examples of past work as well as customer reviews. During the ongoing pandemic, this has been the top-performing service offered by Yelp as many restaurants are continuing to limit menu offerings as well as seating. 

How can I use this service?

Turning on the Request a Quote button is free to all companies who have claimed their free business listing. The feature is automatically turned on for certain features and can be turned off at any time by business owners or whoever is managing your Yelp listing. Yelp has seen an exponential increase in the use of Request a Quote button for many service businesses since the pandemic began due to people being at home and looking for improvement projects. 

How does this feature work?

Customers can begin the process of requesting a quote directly from your business listing or from category-specific search results. After filling out a short questionnaire with details about their request, the job request will be posted without requesting a specific provider. The request will be sent out to up to six businesses, including businesses that advertise on the Yelp platform. The questionnaire is designed to both allow the customer to provide more information about their desired project, and improve lead quality for the business, giving more information in order to avoid a simple cold call without any information.  After responding to the questionnaire, businesses will be able to set up a consultation with the customer, whether it is a phone call, in-person consultation, or an onsite visit to assess the potential project. Businesses will not be required to integrate any calendar software on their side.

Local Listing Management & Search Engine Optimization

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