Utilizing Schema Markup For Google SERPs

Schema Markup – What is it exactly?

Schema Markup: a form of data markup structure that can be used to bring additional attention to promote a product, service, business, and more by embedding an HTML or Javascript-based code on your website.

Essentially the content on your pages serves as valuable SEO for both users and Google, while Schema Markup tells Google exactly what is on this page, without having to crawl the page line by line.

Types of Schema Markup (Code)

Depending on how your website is built, Schema can be implemented via Javascript or HTML based code. The most common formats for Schema Markup are RDFa (HTML), Microdata (HTML) & JSON-LD (Java) for more information on determining the best method and how to create a JSON-LD Markup, click here!

The Benefits of Schema Markup

Schema Markup can be used for many purposes whether you are an online business, a multinational corporation, or a mom and pop shop in town. It can bring attention to products, reviews, business locations, and more, simply by inputting a code that highlights important information on your website.

  • SEO: Adding Schema on your website will help Google bots crawl your site to better understand the content on your site & determine page relevance regarding a specific topic. This is a helpful tool if you are looking to combat a high paid campaign and increase your page ranking with quality SERPs
  • Online Presence: By utilizing rich snippets this will help fortify the information the corresponding information on your website, which in turn can help your website score higher on page 1
  • Attracts Attention: Utilizing schema for reviews, products, or services, gives consumers an immediate idea of the type of business that you operate, by promoting reviews it builds trust, by highlighting F.A.Q.s it serves as a resource that can drive conversions

A Variety Of Uses And Applications For All Industries

Schema Markup can be used to highlight many specific aspects of your company that you wish to stand out over other companies and competitors in your area. By inputting Schema on your website, it serves as an additional tool that assists in SEO and Search Scoring as the code embedded in your site will tell Google exactly what is on your page. This can reduce the amount of time Google spends crawling your site, as the code will quickly highlight the content of the page, which can help get your site listed in more locations online, faster.

  • Reviews – Adding Schema to reviews can increase CTR as a consumer may be more inclined to click on a company with reviews that stick out in google, this is frequently used by review sites such as HomeAdvisor, Yelp, Angie’s List, but can also be utilized by any business of any size
  • CTA  Get your product front and center online. Adding schema can help populate your products in search results regarding the type of product a consumer is searching for
  • Events – Highlight an event that will display at the top of Google when a user searches for an event in your area
  • FAQ – Draw potential clients in by adding Schema to your F.A.Q. Drive more clients to a resource page, which can increase overall conversions
  • Job Posting – Utilized by job posting sites, these are results that show up immediately on Google when searching for “Marketing jobs in Boston”
  • Local Business / Organization – Increases local exposure by highlighting your business in surrounding cities and towns
  • Person – Highlight an individual in a specialized field such as contractors, doctors, nutritionists, scientists, or specialists in any industry

Try a free Schema Markup Validator to make sure your code is always accurate! Click here!

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