Utilizing PR Strategies in Small Businesses

A lot of times, we find that smaller businesses may think they are out of luck when it comes to utilizing Public Relations (PR) tactics. Since they don’t usually have anyone doing in-house PR, it’s left to their marketing department to get creative.

Check out some strategies for small businesses to take on the role of PR:

  • While your small business might not have hard hitting news that multiple journalists wants to write about, you can still create key media relationships. Provide a specific reporter with exclusive access when you have company news to share.
  • To connect with well-known, trending brands, use Google Alerts. Make it easier for these trending brands to partner with you by reaching out to them.
  • At least twice a month, blog for your business and offer it to trade publications. If you send out a newsletter to clients, when relevant, include your blog post links.
  • Build media relationships with emerging bloggers and your followers on social media. Engage with them and they, most likely, are going to engage back with likes and shares.
  • With so many different social media platforms out there, it may seem like a good idea to try all of them. Choose a couple to start out on and build your following on those with engaging content. See how other companies in your industry engage with their followers and follow suit. You’ll eventually become more comfortable and find your social media persona.

You don’t have to own or work in a big company to take advantage of all that PR has to offer. Follow these steps or contact Boston Web Marketing at 857-526-0096 to learn more on using PR strategies.

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